Dog Friendly In Oak Creek

Before moving to a new town or subdivision, people often ask, “Is the neighborhood or subdivision dog friendly?” The answer that question for the Oak Creek subdivision in Leander, Texas is a most definite “yes”!

dogs in oak creek leanderIn addition to every home in Oak Creek having a fenced yard, there are also parks, sidewalks and clubhouse. And speaking of nearby parks, the Oak Creek subdivision has the fortunate dog friendly location near one of Leander’s largest parks, Benbrook Ranch Park.

Within Benbrook Ranch park, located only a few hundred yards away from the Oak Creek Leander subdivision, are many dog friendly areas. And no matter what breed your dog may be, there is plenty of room to run around and play! Opened in 2008, the 46.5 acre Benbrook Ranch Park has softball and soccer fields, a pavilion, a hike and bike trail, and a disc golf course.

In addition to the nearby Benbrook Ranch Park, Oak Creek dog lovers who like to keep their dogs healthy and strong, enjoy the trails that are located in and nearby the subdivision. And with offset sidewalks on every street in the subdivision, there is plenty of room for that best friend to take its owner out for a walk.

So is Oak Creek leander a great place for dogs? You bet!