Leander ranks in the Top 50 Safest Cities in Texas

The Oak Creek subdivision is within the city limits of Leander – who has just been ranked within the top 50 safest cities in Texas.

The ranking of the city of Leander within the top 50 was performed by Alarms.org, the official site of the National Leander Texas Top 50Council for Home Safety and Security. They created the list of the safest cities in Texas by using the the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics. They then combined this research into other data accumulated by them and others. Report writers excluded any cities that did not send crime reports to the FBI and/or any city under 5,000 people in population.

The city of Leander has an excellent police force and department. The Leander police department is headed by Leander Chief of Police, Greg Minton. Chief Minton began serving in Leander in  1995.  The values of the leander police department are; Integrity, Respect and Dedication.

As the Oak Creek subdivision continues to grow and develop, the Leander police department will continue to provide outstanding service to both the citizens of Leander and of the new residents of Oak Creek.

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